The Beginning

Who am I?

I am a white South African woman, born in the mid nineteen sixties, employed as a Senior Business Executive, and I live in the greater Johannesburg area.

Who I am really?

I am not the one you will find revelling in being the centre of attention.
I am not the one you will find blindly following society's rules and expectations.
I am not the one you will find disregarding human worth in exchange for wealth and self-gain.

I am the one you will find laughing at the absurd, at myself, at the world.
I am the one you will find crying about the cruelty that only humans can inflict with so much perfection.
I am the one you will find believing that as hopeless as something can be, there are always hopes and dreams.

This blog is about my journey -  an introspective exploration of my sexuality , my erotic desires which  is not confined by conventional sexual beliefs. 
It is about change, fears, hopes, realities, my country... that which have shaped my individuality, my inner core that makes me, Me.
And it is about acceptance, and of being accepted....and about a second journey at the same time....towards another country....
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