I have a couple of weeks left before leaving my job. At the same time, I have the same couple of weeks left before leaving the county. Oh, and over and above that, in between I am focusing on a business that I am trying to get of the ground.
So, between juggling work issues, reading some manuscripts received, editing, packing up stuff, I have now reached a point where if you look closely I am waving a white flag. Actually, you do not need to even look closely, if you look in the distance and see a large blob of white frantically moving around - that is me. I admit defeat!
Although I normally will try everything to get out a spanking, I now humbly request, can I please just crawl over a knee and have my derriere undergo a change in colour? I am tired, out of sorts, now and again going of on a temper tangent and even worse, having sulks that even I frighten myself.
I know that as that hand impacts over and over on my bottom which frankly has become quite complacent in not having any firm discussions with it, the tension in my back and shoulders will start unwinding.  I know that this awful feeling of being unsettled, being moody, from the one moment close to tears to the other ready to kill anything in sight, will go away.
I know that when the tears finally do come, and they will, I will experience a feeling of quietness inside myself, creating peace and calmness, and therefore I will no longer be waking up because I have a sore jaw from grinding my teeth, or having half-moons in my palms left from clenching my fists in my sleep.

And I know that even though my bottom will hurt, this terrible hollowness inside will be gone, I will once again safe and strong enough to face the future, no matter how difficult these last couple of weeks might be.



You are talking to me?

I have the view that when a general statement is made, it is nothing more than a lot of words being bunched together, with the actual message hidden in there somewhere. At times, it is a way for a person to assess your mood, whilst summonsing the courage to actually tell you what they want. Alternatively, the statement is made on the assumption that you will decipher the hidden code, get the message and react accordingly.

As such, I do not have a very receptive ear when they are uttered and quite actually tend to ignore it. Let me illustrate by an example - during a heated discussion, or maybe in the attempt to convey some slight mistakes I might have accidentally made, a statement like “Bottoms will burn” will not mean anything in my life.

 Firstly, the term, Bottoms, refer to more than one bottom, plainly put - anything from two and upwards. I also do not suffer from some obscure mutation disease, and the last time I checked, I only did have one bottom. Granted, perhaps slightly bigger than what I would like it to be, but that does not mean that it can be quantified as “bottoms” either.

 Secondly, regarding the “will burn” bit. Will burn when? Today, tomorrow, next week, maybe next year? Oh, and burn how...too much sun, hot water? More importantly, why on earth will bottoms burn? I might be curious, but such vagueness is far too much even for me to try and obtain all the information.

 Therefore, since there is no actual definition and clarification that it is a direct reference and/or threat being made to my anatomy, I will ignore such utterances.

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