How Red is my Bottom?

In an effort to relax I decided to avoid television and do some reading. A Kindle is a lovely toy to have when you are a bookworm like me. I did manage to read the latest Terry Pratchett, Lee Childs, Kathy Reich books, I downloaded a couple of ghost and vampire stories and finally got around to read a book about the Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum – I was in my element. I normally do not bother with erotica, but in a mood to try something different, I also downloaded a couple of   spanking romances.

Some of them were poorly written with no storyline, but in between, I did find two or three books that really was worth the while. The formula is quite simple – sort of a Mills and Boon recipe with some spanking and sex added. Stubborn and cheeky girl that is forever in trouble, meets imposing, larger than life and very strict male – that invariably also seems to be rich, and sooner or later, normally sooner, she lands over his lap – and in his bed.

BDSM was incorporated in a few, spanking as part of sexual foreplay in another, but Domestic Discipline was reflected in most of the books I read, even though, each author’s interpretation was quite different from the next. And this is where I found myself responding and reacting to these books, either telling the guy that he can go and erm...stuff himself, or having (blush!) a “OMG!!” complete with butterflies in the stomach feeling.

I know that it is all different strokes for different folks...no pun intended, but definitely included in my  “I do not think so!” list would be things  being sent to bed at a certain time, or having my  internet or television privileges “removed”. Oh, and a raised voice? Armageddon will arrive in her finest fury...truly!

On the “Depends on how much trouble I am in” list, I will most likely, but not quietly either, submit to demands such as having to stand in a corner although I am not sure about the bottom on display thingy though.

The “OMG!! Some serious butterflies in the tummy” list? Having to answer a simple question of “Why are you here?” while you already over his lap, or fetching and delivering the implement of his choice (in a structured way – erm...not thrown across the room...), being made to wait in position, that promise made quite clearly and softly in a public place, taking you home to fulfil said promise...well, I think it is suffice to say that one definite reaction (but definitely not the only one) is a bottom that tingles quite deliciously in anticipation.

Now, if I could only get HH to hurry back from his damn holiday!!


T'was a slight hiccup and an ex...

After having to live in the same house with my ex for three years after our split, we managed to sell the house, which by the way, was on the market for the same period.

The joy of finally selling the house was soon too replaced by utter chaos. I was dealing with a buyer which had taken upon himself to become the “expert” in everything and at the same time, tried his hand at every given moment to change or amend the sale...totally disregarding the contractual obligations.  In the end, it took a very polite attorney letter for him to realise that I am neither a pushover nor an idiot. The ex’s contribution to all this? Absolutely nothing.

Then came the packing up and selling of the content within the house. It was not exactly the smallest house on the block, and it took me two exhausting months to clear out a five bedroom house. The ex’s contribution? Nothing again.
A couple of other details had to be seen to as well. The roof had a leak that needed to be fixed, the garden had to be sorted out, an electrical compliance certificate had to be obtained...and again, the ex did not surprise me. No contribution whatsoever.
However, at the height of everything I was told that there is no understanding why I am so stressed or worked up about everything. Have you ever had those moments that you could actually see your hands around someone else’s neck? My language use I have to admit paled in comparison to what Uncle Nick had to say, and although my mother tends to stay away from the more descriptive type of words, she was in full agreement with him.
HH though had the “pleasure” of dealing with a very unsettled and grumpy Raven Red. I am thoroughly convinced that my rather striped and very tender bottom at times, was the most important factor that prevented the very untimely demise of the ex.
Fortunately it is all over and done with now...I have moved out, and for the first time in nearly two months, I have time for myself again. However, there is the flip side of the coin...I no longer have valid excuses NOT to visit HH more frequently, of which I have been casually informed that I am in need of (see the rolling of eyes)... Oh, and the ex? Rhett Butler said it perfectly; “Frankly, my dear, I do not give a damn”

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