It was never my intention to land up in a situation where my blog no longer featured in my daily rituals, but somehow I quite nicely manage to do just that. My somewhat disastrous adventures into the local BDSM scene, coupled with volunteering for a “twenty-week that lasted for twenty six weeks” project at work in addition to everything else I was busy with resulted in a complete stop in activities that in hindsight would have rather be the more preferred options.

Every now and again, obviously without a hint of sarcasm in his voice (yeah right!), Uncle Nick had to make this statement about “certain” people that think blogs update themselves. To be fair, although I would receive a lecture quite on a regular basis about taking on things that I never should have in the first place, Uncle Nick had been remarkably patient with me. It is rather concerning though that the question when last I saw HH, seems to be on an increased and regular repeat pattern lately.

As for HH, he is rather more down to the point regarding his demands about the blog. Taking into consideration that our regular chats also had diminished behind the evil wall of work, the “Get back to your blog!!” message was rather hard to miss on these occasions. Oh, and for some reason I am apparently instrumental in the current decline of his cane’s wellbeing. He does rather stress his concerns about it being covered in cobwebs, and although I am still of the opinion that it will do the cane no harm, I do get the message.

So, with the project finally over, and my life seemingly returning to a more normal routine, I can finally pay some attention to my blog again....and well, seeing that I no longer have any valid excuses for tantrums, sulking or unavailability to present my rear-end for cobweb prevention (previously, successfully blamed on project commitments) I suppose HH will be most eager and delighted to return his attention to my rather neglected bottom, with Uncle Nick on the sidelines, grinning in glee...awaiting my moans and groans about a red and tender backside.

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