Awareness, a South African School Spanking Tale

From a very young age, I realised that somehow, I was different. I was not like children my age, nor did I act the same way. I did not play with dolls - I had books. I did not have a group of friends, I was the loner, the outsider, always observing. I constantly challenged the status quo, firmly gaining the reputation of being anti-establishment prone, unpatriotic and rebellious. And being blessed with a mind, that even from a young age could distinguish weaknesses in people, together with the ability to dream up the biggest stories, I used these talents to defend or emphasise that what mattered to me.

But there was this other thing...my deep, hidden secret, that I could not name for years. I must have been eight or nine years old, when I walked past a classroom and saw a girl laying across a desk, her school dress lifted and her panties around her ankles. Her friend was on the opposite side of the table, holding her hands. And then there was the teacher....using a thick leather strap, applying stroke after stroke on the naked bottom. The girls had to change places, and the friend was crying and pleading, but she was bent over the same desk, the dress lifted, the panties pulled down...and the same was done to her.

I remember that I was frozen in one spot, barely breathing, and scared to death that I would be seen..but totally unable to look away, even for a second. And I can so vividly remember this feeling of excitement coursing through my body....it felt as if my whole body, my bottom was tingling in anticipation... Even today thinking back, I can still see the face of the teacher, so absolutely determined to mete out the punishment, his total concentration in ensuring that every stroke of his leather strap found its mark, the girls, helpless laying across their school desks, their hands held captive, the sound of leather smacking against bare flesh....

Taking into consideration my age when this happened, and the knowledge of the physiological development of a female body, I have wondered and still am, whether my response could have been my first moment of sexual awareness...which rationally and logically was way to early. And the reality - corporal punishment those years were the norm in South Africa, with courts meting out caning punishments for minor infractions. Schools teachers were allowed to punish students in a manner they saw fit.  However it was never regarded in my parent's house as the absolute, nor was it practised with any sexual connotations, and in actual fact, I went out of my way to avoid doing anything that would invoke a spanking (not very successfully I might add).

But the question remained for years, with the realisation that I am a person with a natural instinct to dominate and rebel, to question and to challenge, my ingrained negative attitude towards authority, why this event, seeing the total submissiveness and the accompanied punishment meted out that day, resulted in an absolute desire and wish, that it was me with my school dress lifted and panties pulled down, stretched over that table, feeling the leather strap biting into my bare bottom...


barely.pink said...

I, too, believe that I received my first sexual rush from witnessing a spanking, although I had no idea at the time that that's what it was.

I seem to be born with this inclination, as there would be no environmental reason to explain my early fascination with it.

This is a well-written account, Red. Can't wait to read more from you... :)

Raven Red said...

Hello Pink,

Thank you for your comments. And it is such a nice feeling to know that I am not the only one out there that has apparently been born with a "spanking gene".
And I have to add that to this day, I can remember the cold wind, the smell of the soup (the school use to hand out soup during breaks),not only the sounds coming from the classroom, but also the sounds of kids playing on the rugby field...a memory including all sensory detail, fixed forever in my mind..

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Red.

Welcome to your own new blog. I enjoyed your introduction to yourself, and your first account. I came to enjoy spanking much later in life than you and Miss Pink, but difference is what makes the world a great place to be.

I am looking forward to reading more from you, here and on FB. (I love the quotes you find.)



Kirsten Louisa Saoirse Ellison said...

Oh, look at that, I have a new ID. This is "Curtseygirl" as well. I just wanted to say that I am pleased you found Barely Pink, she is an amazing writer. :-)

stricthohcple said...

wonderful write and incite of what you felt in early years, I myself even thou I am a spanker , when I was in school I felt the sexual tension by just looking at my teachers and how I would day dream of spanking them over there desk, got some wet spot with those dreams.
But it was only years later in my adult life that I was able to carry through the early years of frustration.
Keep you blog going I am a fan .


sixofthebest said...

In my school days in England, I loved every moment when a naughty girl was commanded to bend over a teacher's desk to be corporally chastised. I enjoyed seeing him raise her school uniform waist high. I felt wonderous ecstasy when her knickers were removed to bare her bottom. And then my heart pounded with sexual delight when the cane painfully swished her tender bare bottom.

Raven Red said...

Hi Kirsten/Curtseygirl

Thank you so much for your comments. Fully agree with your comment on Barely Pink, but your writing skills are pretty impressive in itself!



Raven Red said...

Hi Strict/Sixofthebest

And what an impression those school years memories have left. Good thing that we were not all in one class - the teacher would have had nothing to do then, except maybe teach?!

Thank you both for your comments.


Sarah Bunns said...

I'm hooked!

Keep them coming! You are very easy to read and interesting too.

Raven Red said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks! Really appreciate the kind words.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm - I like your style, Raven Red - and look forward to reading more!

Tenth Muse Top

Raven Red said...

Hi Aer

Thank you!!


Indy said...

I don't know if you get comment from this far back, so I'll make this short: I love this post! Even though I never witnessed a spanking in school, it captures my childhood fascination with spanking incredibly well. Thanks!

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