Double Jeopardy

In my work, I deal quite a bit with the South African Labour Relations Act in terms of Disciplinary hearings. I cannot even begin to explain how many times I have had to explain the term "double jeopardy" to an aggrieved manager. They say it does help to draw a picture when a concept is not understood...

I am wondering if any objections would be raised if I try to explain it this way?


sixofthebest said...

I have always believed in 'office discipline, when a woman has to be corporally punishment for her erring work. Be she secretary, or a Directress, in a corporation, the male boss, has a right to call her into his office, and bend her over his desk, raise her dress waist high, pull down her knickers, and cane her. Yes, cane her well, apply 'six or more of the very best strokes of this pliable spanking implement, across her bare bottom.

Raven Red said...


Well, it is a good thing then that I work as hard as what I do...



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