He is difficult, opinionated, and sarcastic
And he knows no mercy when administering a spanking
He has a sense of humour that makes me laugh
And he understands my heart and soul...
But today,
I am fragile, raw and hurting
For the missing of him, has become unbearable... 


dd said...

Raven, I'm so sorry you're hurting. Being away from someone you love is sad.

I'm sending you a hot choccie, hot water bottle and a cashmere rug to curl into. Won't make it better, but comfort comes in all forms.

Raven Red said...

DD, thank you...the hot choccie, the hot water bottle and cashmere rug did help. Feeling a bit better this morning. :)



Anonymous said...

I understand, I understand, I understand.
I am sending you big hugs and a girl that knows just how you feel.
Isn't geography horrid?

DevlinONeill said...

Wherever he is, know that he misses you too. That isn't much comfort, I realize, but he will waste no time getting back to you, and make it better when he does.

Raven Red said...

Poppy and Dev

To both of you thank you, and I know that you do understand.

I NEVER liked geography, told my teacher that when I was ten, knew there were good reasons...could just not list them then..

Dev, he is in the UK - and I am trying to obtain work (with an piece of four letter paper that has to be sponsored), but it is an uphill struggle, especially as I am in a non-EU country.

That is unfortunately the real world with its real world economic and immigration problems...and sometimes, like yesterday, it gets too much..

But a huge HUG to both of you as well, and again...thank you for the support.


Anonymous said...

The geography of the heart knows no distance.

Big hugs to you, Raven.

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink!! ((HUG)) Thank you

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