Spanked for Angel Wings

After a spanking, I am soft and gentle,
He says my voice becomes smooth and liquid,
The harshness and anger within broken down,
I am an angel born again

And for a while, with the redness and heat of my bottom
I will remain placid and tender,   
But even with the angel wings on my back
Eventually, I will forget about the lessons learned

He will gently remind me of my stubbornness and wilfulness, 
He will quietly warn me that my time is running out,
And while I tempt his temper and my fate,
My angel wings become neglected and short

Then on a fair day, he will take me gently by the arm
And even as angel wings will try to sprout again,
Fertilised out of offered regrets and apologies,
He will gently remind me that it is too late

He will pull me over his lap, ignoring all protests and resistance,
His hands removing all barriers, to leave my bottom bare
And with the first impact of his hand against my naked flesh 
I will remember the lessons, the heat and the pain

For as he spanks me, he is guiding me towards softness and gentleness
To be able to hear my voice become smooth and liquid,
Wanting all the harshness and anger broken down,
For then I become, His angel, born again.


joey said...

raven u never fail to amaze me love the pics

dd said...

Raven, the pics are fabulous.

You sum up our feelings so well, before a spanking I can look in the mirror and see an angry, resentful woman. After, I see a softenening, a gentling and all is right again.

Brett B said...

Beautiful. This is something that must have written by an angel.

stumblingchi said...

This was beautiful!

Raven Red said...


Thank you!



Raven Red said...

After the first spanking, when he told me me how gentle and soft I have become, I did not initially know what he was talking about...think my sore bottom at that stage was the main priority.
Now, I know exactly, and I prefer to be that softer woman...
And yes, you are right - afterwards, things just seem to be all right again..



Raven Red said...

Brett, that was one of the nicest things you ever said to me...Thank you. xxx

Raven Red said...

SC - Thank you!!



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