Dance of Submission

She is a woman of independence, pride shining out of every pore of her soul, haughtiness imprinted in every move that she makes.

He is watching her, smiling slightly when he sees her using her charm, becoming the sensual woman to get her way, to satisfy a whim, and he knows that he will have her. She will become his.   

She sees the man approaching, and as he strides towards her without making a sound, she thinks of a panther stalking his prey. As he stops in front of her and looks down at her, a shiver runs down her back. She lifts her head, meeting his gaze, not flinching, staring into his dark eyes. A slight smile plays around his mouth, as he holds out his hand.

She looks down at his hand, her eyebrows slightly lifting as she asked him, “I think you have the wrong person”.
She could hear the suppressed laughter in the rich baritone of his voice as he answered her, “No, I do not have the wrong person. It is you that I want, and it is you that I will have”

She gives a small laugh of derision, and step to the side to walk past him, but he moved quietly, blocking her way. Her heart starts pounding, but her voice remains cool, “Please move out of the way”.
He took her by the arm, pulling her into his body, and as he moulds her body against his, he whispers in her ear, “You are mine, for now, forever”

She feels the heat of his body against hers, her pulse racing, her body alive, but she puts up her hands, pushing against his chest. She is not to be controlled, or to be held, she is a woman that is free, with no explanations owed to anyone. As he tightens his hold, trapping her against him, she flicks him a look of disdain. She hisses at him, “I am not yours, you will not have me”.

As he feels her trying to pull away from him, he moves his hand over her bottom. He smiles down at her, as she gives him a startled look, before a faint flush colours her face. He cups her bottom possessively, feeling the heat of her bottom against the palm of his hand, and he knows that the redness would have not gone. As he gently squeeze her bottom, he could feel her slightly flinching, before he hears her voice quietly saying: “Yes, I have become yours, and you will always have me”    



MarQe's Study said...

Happy Valentine's Raven ... Look I've bought my Heart shaped paddle so has to make the right impression !!

MarQe xx

Raven Red said...


Thank you, and I am sure it is a lovely paddle...that will NEVER be used on my bottom, surely?

Pink said...

Lovely post, Raven. That kind of authority in a man really revs my engine. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!



dd said...

Raven, I just love the pictures, the passion, the control! Now where do I book BBH and myself in for Tango classes?

Dioneo said...

Wonderful, Raven! Your writing here had a rhythm befitting a tango. Love, dance, sex--all have the battle you depict.

Erica said...

I love it -- and what delicious pictures!

Funny -- New Guy's name on FetLife is SpankoTango. :-D

Anonymous said...

Curses, I wanted to use the word, "Delicious"
This piece made me smile and then it made me want to be in a dance with a man.

ronnie said...

Lovely and yes delicious pictures. Raven. Poppy's right makes you want to dance with the man.


Raven Red said...


Thank you, and trust me, it revs my engine as well :)

Raven Red said...


Thank you...erm, I think we all do the Tango, but OUR way. :)

Raven Red said...


Thank you!



Raven Red said...


So next up, can I then see some photos of you and New Guy in a tango? Anyway, you want.. :)

Raven Red said...


I find the Tango such a sensual dance...and erm, well... ;)

Raven Red said...


Thank you, I want the dance as well...and whatever comes then..

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