Raven's Need a Spanking Award 3

 During the recent floods in Australia, two teenagers, for some idiotic, thrill seeking reason decided to ride a swollen river, using none other than blow-up sex dolls. Things did go slightly wrong, as the female lost her hold on the doll, and was found clinging to trees, whilst waiting to be rescued. Her partner, and his doll, remained with her until the rescue efforts were completed.

The police was understandably not amused, and the couple received quite a stern lecture including a sermon regarding the use of “recognised" flotation devices.

Raven's Notes:
I do acknowledge that the couple was beyond any acceptable levels of intelligence, and understand the absolute irritation the police, alongside rescue workers must have felt, at their time being wasted, while others were in real need.
However, the use of the word “recognisable” might have not been the wisest.
Erm...there is no mistaking in recognising a very pale pink, naked, open mouthed (inter alia), air-filled, latex female-shaped device....

The Need a Spanking Award goes to:

ALL the Tops that had rolled their eyes upon realising that it was the female that lost her doll!  


Emily Winters said...

Rolling, love!

Hermione said...

Perhaps "approved" might have been a better word. What a funny story!


Pink said...

I wonder how long before blow-up dolls are required to carry the obligatory warning of "not a suitable flotation device". Or do they already?

Sadly, I don't have much knowledge of blow up dolls. (And I somehow don't see that circumstance changing!)



Raven Red said...


Happy that you enjoyed

Raven Red said...


Agreed...approve would really have been a better word.

But I rather did have a good giggle at the two and their dolls..

Raven Red said...


My knowledge is also quite limited...would not know about the label.

I am just wondering if her doll was a female or male doll...saw those ones on the net!

Damien said...

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Oi, Oi Oi!

Raven Red said...


That little saying of "if the doll erm..shoe fits..!

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