I am not very good when trying to hint that I want something...
So I thought, that if I replace the mouse

And his mousepad, it might be a good starting point.

Then I will take him some tea
(I KNOW it is a coffee mug, but he consumes copious amounts anyway)

Leaving the spoon behind for him to stir the brew to his heart's content,

Whilst leaving a strategically placed coaster all ready and in place.

And for us not ever to miss precious time, I will replace the wall clock,

Not only with one, but with two new ones.

Hmm, I wonder if he will get the hint?


Brett B said...

If not, you could hand him a paddle, take your pants down, lay over his lap, and while wiggling your bottom, tell him you've been very bad. Should he say, "If you wanted a game of ping-pong, you only had to ask," you might want to look into one of those spanking machines.

Pink said...

Great finds!

I'm guessing that he might get that hint. But I suggest a lot of bending over to accompany these items.

Raven Red said...


If it gets to that point, the spanking machine will NOT be for me...LOL!!



Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

Oh definitely - with knickers that clearly states "Spank me"...

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