Trip Advisory

I left Johannesburg behind on Thursday afternoon for a business trip to Natal. It was rather an uncomfortable trip I might add, not only did I have to cope with driving two hours of the total six in darkness, rain and thick fog, but had to deal with a bottom that was not feeling too well. (Thanks HH!)

Now he can can smack my bottom any day!

I had to add another little advisory to my travelling notes though, once we all arrived safe at the hotel. "Warning: Blood rushing back to rear end after being sufficiently numbed by hours of only being in a sitting position, can be rather painful - be prepared. It is NOT advisable to grab bottom in front of three bemused looking co-passengers, while muttering beneath your breath about damn canes!"

Part of Durban beach

Today was the return trip back to Johannesburg, and I am happy to report that my bottom seemed to have coped slightly better. I am least now able to sit down without an instinctive urge to be jumping up again, but then I did have an ocean to my disposal. It is quite true what they say about salt's healing properties

Not me, but the same principle applied


Anonymous said...

Suppose it would have prompted a few tricky questions if you had taken a nice comfy cushion to sit on ;-) We were in Durban last November, on the way to Mozambique. Had a fantastic time diving off that coast, with the whale sharks and mantas. I had a sweet girl dive master. She kept wearing tight little shorts, how I suffered.... LOL

Brett B said...

Why is it when I see a girl like that in the water I have visions of paddles, hairbrushes, canes, and straps? Answer: I'm one sick puppy. ;)

Glad you're feeling better, Raven, and I hope your trip goes well.

Raven Red said...


It would have, truly! Do you remember the diving or the dive master? (GRIN)

Raven Red said...


LOL!! Thank you.


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