The first memory...(Audio)

It took years to come to terms with who and what I am, but not only has this past year this been exceptional in that I have found myself, but that I have also made some great friends along the way. A reflection of the journey so far brings forth a range of memories and emotions, but the memory of that very first time, even as young as what I was, when I realised I was different, will most probably be with me until my dying day.

I told the story to Uncle Nick...
Er, by the way...I am in full denial that I have a South African accent...
Just saying...



Brett B said...

Raven, I like your voice. We won't call it an accent. :)

I hope it is correct, and more interviews to come.


Emanuele said...

Well you live in an exotic foreign land, and I now know what you sound like. I like your accent, I speak a mixture of New York City and Southern California.



Lea said...

Both you and Nick certainly have an accent to me. :-) Great interview, thanks for sharing.

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