Raven Red: A Scale, A Paddle and mid-Winter

Guest Posting by HH

As many readers of this Blog are aware, Raven has set herself a tough weight-loss goal. She has asked me to provide her with a level of motivation to achieve her weekly goal. Unfortunately, the scale has not been playing ball. It seemingly refuses to move in the right direction. Whilst I know that Raven is trying very hard and why I have given her a degree of latitude and encouragement over the past two weeks, the results leave something to be desired. Thus it was that Raven arrived at my offices last evening for a motivational session.

Raven is a stoical creature at the worst of times! I have laid into her with a Senior Cane on a number of occasions and she scarcely utters a sound. The only telltale that she is under duress is that her toes curl back under her feet. At one stage I was concerned that she may be developing “leather butt” and that even a moderately firm stroke across her bared buttocks was not having the desired effect.

I, therefore, decided that we would switch to the paddle for her weight-loss motivational sessions. My thoughts that she may be becoming immune to feeling in her rear were quickly dispelled! The application of my paddle certainly had more than her toes curling up. She suddenly became a great deal more vocal – both during and after her “motivational” sessions. She has on any number of occasions threatened to cremate my paddle in a fiery pyre. Now, I have certainly seen much more fearsome looking paddles on offer. Mine in fact is rather small and certainly pretty innocent by comparison with some of the fearsome instruments of pain that we see used on the web.

The pic below will give you some idea of the relative sizes of the two paddles – pretty harmless in my view!

In South Africa we have just passed our mid-Winter – yep, I know it sounds strange for you Northern Hemisphere types that we have mid-Winter at the same time that you have mid-Summer, but that is just the way it is. Whilst our winters are generally pretty mild, we have just had one of the coldest snaps I have ever experienced in Johannesburg. Although it has warmed up over the past two days, the temperatures drop somewhat when the sun disappears. Last night was no exception.

Having disposed of the preliminaries last night I instructed Raven to prepare herself for her “motivational session”. I was, however, feeling a little sorry for her having to bare her bottom for a spanking in the cold. I decided that instead of moving straight to the main attraction, we would have a warm up with my mini-paddle. Now this is even smaller than the paddle we normally use. It is an even smaller miniature cricket bat and measures no more than 15cms (6 inches, for those not into decimals). There was absolutely no force behind the warm-up blows. Yet within 20 seconds of starting Raven was wriggling like a fish on a hook. Her language also left a great deal to be desired!

I was not deterred! I proceeded to warm both cheeks until they both had a healthy glow. Needless to say, Raven was not a happy camper! She was even less happy when I laid the mini-paddle aside. She felt that she had enough “motivation” for one evening. Her distress when I informed her that we had just finished the warm-up was palpable.

A further 18 swats on her already warm bottom left her immune to the cold. In fact I am certain that she had no need to switch her heater on, on her journey home such was the fiery glow emanating from her glowing bottom. I can also say with a level of certainty that despite my regular ministrations, she has not developed “leather butt”!

I trust Dear Raven that your experience last night will keep you motivated through the coming week and that you will have good news when you report on Friday.


bree512 said...

@HH Good for you. I am a switch and I find my wooden paddle to be quite persuasive and excellent at telegraphing many messages also.

Hopefully Raven will answer the spankogram.

@Raven I still believe. Sometimes we need a hand....or paddle in your case.

Pink said...


My motto remains: Death to Wood!

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