Cancellation of a punishment?

This is me.

Okay, it is not really me, but it could have been me. I have been left standing in the corner and for the record; I hate anything that might resemble corner time. I had to report to HH this evening, but then as I was going through the process of reconciling myself with the fact that my bottom had to meet with a piece of wood in the middle of winter, I received a message. "No power in office, no punishment tonight. You are a lucky Madam". A lucky Madam? A cancellation of the punishment or the joyous unexpected demise of a paddle will enhance my status to lucky. Alas, there is no luck in this story, for the punishment has not gone away - it was only postponed, and even worse, that awful piece of wood is still in existence.

However, I am sure this whole scenario can be regarded as the infliction of undue emotional distress, which in my books should count towards a significant reduction in the punishment due. In addition, if you take into consideration that I am now figuratively being stuck into a corner, waiting for the paddle to fall, credit should also be given for good behaviour. Therefore, in considering all these factors overall, it should effectively mean that the punishment has now been cancelled. Don't you agree?


Pink said...

My vote is yes. All in favor?

It's been decided. Your punishment is cancelled and, furthermore, that paddle is to be burned.

I've got your back, Raven. (No pun intended.)

Heavyhand said...

Dear Pink
Firstly, it is not within your powers to cancel Raven's punishment. Lest you think of me as a cruel and unforgiving Monster, you need to understand that it is not within my power either.
The only person who has the authority to cancel the punishment is Raven herself.
You see I am retained by Raven to punish her if she does not meet her weekly weight goal. This is a key health issue for her and is not something to be taken lightly.
So last evening's power failure is simply a postponement, unless Raven decides to cancel her punishment. She is able to do so at any time. I do, however, believe that should she do so, she would incur Uncle Nick's wrath.
That may or may not be as bad as the punishment I will inflict on her. I suspect that it would probably be much worse than the few light taps I would give her :)
So unless I hear otherwise from Raven, she will be at my office door at 09h30 tomorrow morning. She is already late in reporting her progress from the last week. I suspect that this means that the news will again be bad. This means a double dose. Unless, of course, she cancels!!


PS Raven, don't forget my croissant tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

The punishment really ought to be cancelled on Health & Safety grounds. Clearly the power cut is an indication of God's Will and should not be ignored, or perhaps the wiring isn't safe in the premises. The paddle clearly constitutes a fire hazard! oh, bad wording, sorry :oops:

dd said...

Raven, Corner Time should only ever be after a spanking, sheesh, if BBH were to make it before we would probably never make it to the actual event! Spanks should definately be reduced by the amount of time waiting, indeed I think ice-cream and chocolate should come into play soon!

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