Spankingly positive?

I can barely describe my happiness this morning knowing that it is Friday. I would be ecstatic if I could skip Saturday and go straight to Sunday as well, but I suppose I cannot have everything I want.  The "miracle" has occurred, and HH’s electrical issues at his office have been sorted out. I am truly happy for him, at least he is again able to run his business, however, that means that I have to present myself to him tomorrow morning. But, I am trying to be positive about my upcoming meeting with him. I will only have nine days to go before leaving for the UK, after he has (again!) utilised his colour co-ordination skills on my bottom. So theoretically speaking, it should then be the last coffee, croissant and paddle date I will have with him before my departure. I mean, really – I am convinced certain confident reasonably positive that I can stay out of trouble until then...


bree512 said...

Sure you can behave that long Raven. Is that why we haven't heard from you since Friday, because you are behaving? ;)

Ok Raven. I hope everything went well. Actually, I hope it went better than you expected. :)

Hope to hear from you soon.



Raven Red said...

Bree, I am very flattered that you have so much confidence in me - but I have to warn you though - I was born with a talent to be in trouble without much effort. (GRIN)

And er...the D Day has been moved to Wednesday. The silence? Last week before I leave for the UK - running around trying to finish all outstanding bits and pieces..



Velvet said...

See you soon =)


Velvet <3 xxx

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