Little questions...

Those little questions that are not questions but more statements than anything else, that invariably gets you into trouble, no matter how hard you try to give the correct answer...

Q = "Are you answering a question with a question?"
A = Now why would you say something like that?

Q = “Do you have something so say for yourself?"
A = Not particularly, talking to oneself could be an indication of some psychological issues...

Q = "Did you say something?"
A = Nooo, was too busy sticking my tongue out while your back was turned.

Q = "Will you wipe that grin off your face, young lady?"
A = As soon as you stop frowning because your eyebrows remind me of hairy caterpillars at war...

Q = "You do know that you will not be sitting down for a week?"
A = Why? Are we selling some of our furniture?

Q = "Do you want your bottom smacked?"
A = Erm...is this a trick question?

Q = “I think this spanking was overdue, don't you?"
A = I think that in future thinking should be left to me...

Q = “Does your bottom hurt?"
A = No!...erm... YES!! It really does....oh crap...


bree512 said...

ROTFLMAO. I don't know which is worse. Giving an answer or not giving an answer. To keep it fun and light-hearted you give a brilliant answer. I like to call it brilliant not sarcastic. If you don't give an answer, They spank you hard until you give them an answer. :)

Raven Red said...

This I can tell you - the first question is uncle Nick's pet hate...and the more he was telling me stop answering him with a question, even trying very hard not too - I landed up answering him with a question.
Not my fault if I am skilled in evasion tactics.
By the way - NEVER answer "Do you need a spanking?" with "Why,do you think I need a spanking?".



Erica said...

ROFL! I liked the furniture one best!

dd said...

I think all these answers were excellent Raven and can't see why anyone should object to them. Tops are such strange creatures. I could add things like...

"Those are pretty knicks"
"They can stay up then?"

"Stop wriggling"
"Well you try being here!"

"Have you forgotten how?"

Hey ho...

Lea said...

Very funny responses! I really need to purchase that rolling my eyes shirt.

Raven Red said...


Happy that you enjoyed...must admit - some of those answers do go through my head at times...still plucking up the courage to utter them.



Raven Red said...


I think you are worse than me! (GRIN)



Raven Red said...


They should also make one for the " This hurts me more than it hurts you"

I absolutely detest that little statement, not uttered yet - but definitely going through my mind: "If it is that bad, then lets swop places". GRIN



Anonymous said...

This really made me laugh, I think my favourite was the one about the furniture. :)

Raven Red said...

lil miss naughty

Just do NOT practise this at home. GRIN



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