Everything that can go...

It was not as if I did not want to write for the blog, but Mr Murphy and his stupid laws came into full force these past couple of days. On Sunday night I lost hours of sleep. Pure panic after hearing a noise at one in the morning resulted in a loaded gun being taken out and an absolute refusal to even consider switching my bedside light off. Of course, my totally erratic, slightly hysterical interpretation of various noises as signs of the imminent doomsday approaching, left me rather bleary eyed at work.

Monday night after a brief stop at a petrol station, I lost my laptop, cell phone and camera. A change of ownership happened although this owner was not quite involved in the agreement part of all this. Review of the CCTV footage reflected that the theft took a mere three minutes. Uncle Nick had to deal with a very "out of it" Raven, in actual fact, I cannot quite recall the first conversation I had with him...but I do remember crying my heart out.

Tuesday afternoon I lost my voice. I truly became the Hoarse Whisperer. So there I was, I had no phone, had a battle to get the spare laptop in a working condition (I think it was the shock that made me forget passwords), was not feeling to great in the health department, and on top of it - was in another city, away from my home comforts.

However, I am happy to report that I am back home and have slightly progressed in supressing the desire (if they catch him) to hand one opportunistic shopper's bottom over to a couple of people I know in these parts of the world. Oh, and although my voice is still missing in action, I am not complaining - I think its absence sort of guarantees the safety of my bottom for now.



alex reynolds said...

Oh my goodness! What an awful series of events! I hope things get much, much better, and that they do so soon!

Hermione said...

How terrible for you. Thefts can happen so quickly if you are being watched. I'm glad things are getting sorted out now.


bree512 said...

Yikes! Ten million safety hugs sent your way, Raven. Things are replacable.

Despite no voice, I am wondering if your bottom is really safe?

Lea said...

Ugh, sorry you've had to deal with all that.

"I think its absence sort of guarantees the safety of my bottom for now."

But you can still type, right? Don't be so sure. ;-)

Raven Red said...

Thank you to all - last week was an absolute nightmare - but at least is over now.
Happy to report that my voice has returned as well.



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