Heat waves

We are currently in the throws of a heat wave, I had been stuck in a hot and stuffy room for two consecutive days attending a conference, AND it has been two months since my bottom was  significantly warmed up in quite another way...

I am definitely starting to show symptoms of the "Spanking Way overdue" Syndrome.
  1. Loud and impatient clicking of the tongue at any given topic.
  2. Rolling of eyes with hands being thrown into the air.
  3. Short, clipped sentences dripping with sarcasm.
  4. Deep, heavy sighs that could be accompanied with a slow side-to-side shake of the head.
  5. Impatient tapping of foot or fingers, could also manifest as hands on the hips, slightly leaning forward to ensure that body language could not be mistaken for anything else than what it is.
  6. Muttering, utilising language that would make a sailor blush centred on a theme of clarifying the different definitions of "idiot".
  7. Significant increase in the use of words, such as "NO!", "I will not", "I do not care", "Whatever" and "Make me".
  8. Temper tantrums. Lots of them. Really, lots and lots of them.
Therefore, I do believe in the very near future, I am going to experience another heat wave, of a more close and personal kind...

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