I wonder

I wonder whether he knows as he takes my arm,
I want him to pull me over his lap.

I wonder whether he knows that as he caresses my face,
 I want him to lower my knickers.

I wonder whether he knows that as his hand holds mine,
I want him to hold me down.

I wonder whether he knows that when I look at his hands,
 I want to feel the heat on my bottom.

I wonder whether he knows as his hands rests on the table,
 I want him to spank me, until I beg him to stop.

But then I see him looking at me
and I know that he knows.


Anonymous said...

I like that. :) Very intimate. Robert C.

Spanking Flash said...

Very nice pic. I loved!

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1manview said...

Very intimate and sexy...

Love the pic too...

lil said...


bree512 said...

Sigh... Nicely said.

Raven Red said...

Thanks everyone! Happy that you enjoyed.



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