Thin Ice

I am the worst liar you would find in the world. Uncle Nick can attest to this - during my visit, I tried to lie about something, and was caught out literally within seconds. If the blushing, or the act of avoiding to look at you ...oh and the nervous laughter do not give me away, it will definitely be my voice. When I utter deviations on the truth, my voice change - the lie and the panic  very clearly audible.

My dieting is still going strong (well, most of the days), but now there is the little thing of having to study. We did agree during my visit that time was precious, hence no studying was done. (I did take the books with though...at least there was some attempt!) Being back in South Africa, I diligently started once things had settled down, but then went on a business trip or two and somehow the studying went out of the window.  

That is, until yesterday. Happily chatting away on Skype, I was NOT prepared for the question: "How is your studying going?” In theory, I should have gotten away with a lie - we were not video streaming, so he could not see me and I could have pinched myself not to laugh - but the voice....the damn voice...

At the same time, I know when I treading on ice so thin, that I do actually already qualify for walking on water. It is something in the way that he became quiet - a small silence, the throat clearing...then his voice changing a gear, becoming a low hum and the question repeated ever so slowly and clearly. Although I miss him more than anything in life, I was eternally grateful that a huge piece of water was between us. Sometimes, the negative does have some positive results as well.

However, I am off to get some studying done...I have come to the firm conclusion that I do seem to run the real risk of having an impact study being performed on my bottom if books are not opened soon.


Lea said...

Good luck! I'm honest to a fault usually. My bottom doesn't appreciate it.

Raven Red said...


Can only but nod my head in agreement. I sometimes really wonder why I have this absolute compulsion to be honest - even if it is to my own detriment.



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