An open letter to HH, my South African disciplinarian

An open letter to HH, my South African disciplinarian:

My joy, my excitement, when I found your profile, had me restless all night long. Your frank statement that you enjoy spanking female bottoms and your explanation of a session with you had made it seem that there were thousands of little butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

Your detailed introduction to adult spanking for novices like me, a hand spanking to warm up a willing bottom, and for the shy at heart at first, and an allowance to be clothed had my undivided attention. And there it was! A firm, quiet but non-negotiable demand, that the baring of the bottom will be inevitable. Quivers went down my spine, reverberating into the muscles of my bottom with your insistence that the hand spanking will continue, until the soft flesh raised and presented to you has taken on a hue of rosy pink.

The change in pace and intensity described in the change-over to a wooden paddle, that will alter the  degree of sensation, the stinging of the hand spanking changing into a deeper burn, felt deeper as the paddle finds it mark had my bottom clenching in sympathy. I could imagine how the rosy pink was slowly turning into a crimson red as the bottom yielded to the paddle.

But the final instalment of the session gripped me, an answering response within my soul, and I knew that you were to be the one. The swish of a cane, striking a reddened bottom, the fiery fire across a sensitive bottom that is already burning within from what went before, and raising the sensitive flesh, marking it as its own.

When I sent you the first mail on that night and seeing your mail in my inbox the next day, my heart was pounding so hard, for it had now become a reality. I remember on agreeing to meet you; I was literally counting down the hours, the anticipation creating moments of sheer terror mixed with utter desire. When you sat down at the table in the coffee shop, looking at me with that slight knowing smile that I have become so accustomed to by now, I knew that my life was about to change.

Any control I might have thought to possess, you have removed without any effort. You brush aside my nervous bluster and flip answers when you change a rule deliberately, only quietly promising retribution if I do not desist. You have allowed me my initial shyness but which is now ignored, your hands lifting my dress and lowering my panties, baring my bottom, your canvas to change in hues of pink and red.

How well you saw through me, my South African disciplinarian, the day I stepped onto the road where I belong, the day I met you in a coffee shop, the day I asked you, a total stranger then, if you would please spank me!


joey said...

raven another great bloke you write straight from your heartabed

Raven Red said...

Thanks Joey!


barely.pink said...

Oh, this is a wonderful letter. I hope he reads these words and, likewise, realizes the treasure he has in you.



Raven Red said...

Pink, I had to go and present myself to him, (had a slight tantrum..), the same day as what you made your comment....needless to say, to quote you did not help much to lessen what was coming. :)


William said...

I suppose that I should have commented or responded to this blog a while ago - I did tell Raven in person that I thought it was a very nice piece of writing!
I think Pink's comment is what has really caused me to respond.
Raven, I love spanking you and will always try and unbalance your equilibrium by doing different things. Yesterday, by way of example, Raven popped in with some delicious breakfast eats. I made her coffee and then caned her. The caning in itself was not a surprise - she fully expected that.
The surprise was how we arrived at the number and intensity of the strokes. She was told to bring three die (plural of dice) along. The first dice thrown would determine the number of strokes - multiplied by 10. She threw a 5! The second dice would determine the intensity - she threw a 1 (low intensity). Very lucky for her. The final dice turned up a 5 - meaning she would be fully dressed for her caning.
To my surprise she opted for a bared bottom. He reasoning was that my ability to distribute the strokes evenly would be better if she was bare.
She thus received 50 strokes in 5 batches of 10. Despite the low intensity she left with a nicely reddened bottom.
I know I am lucky to be her selected spanker. However, I think there is a good reason - trust! She knows that she can trust me not to do her any permanent damage. She can trust me to only spank her and not molest her in any other way. And despite the fact that she always leaves with a burning butt - she likes me and I like her! But more than anything, she trusts me!
Another thing that is important to both of us, is having a good laugh and not taking ourselves too seriously!

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