When Raven Met Nick

Sometimes in life, one can have quite a set idea about what you want to achieve, forgetting that the universe might just have other ideas. And when she does have other ideas, she takes great delight in reminding you, that she can add to your journey in life, without having to ask permission. That is how it was with Nick

Early one Saturday morning, I was browsing the Internet, when he posted a comment on a site that both irritated and amused me. The comment was not addressed to me, nor did it actually have anything to do with me, but the temptation to respond was overwhelming. Therefore, I did, with my usual tact and politeness...Okay, it was ever so slightly edgy with a tiny bit of my wry sense of humour added for good measure as well.

His response was immediate, sarcastic and at the same time, mocking my sense of humour! Needless to say, quite a lively interaction commenced, but slowly and surely I started realising, I am not only dealing with a highly intelligent man, but with a man not actually bothered or perturbed at how many barbs or sarcastic remarks I directed at him.

I was in trouble, and as the conversation continued, I realised, not only was I in trouble, but I have met my match. This was confirmed seconds later in message received: “Raven, I am going to take an interest in you.” It was not a question, nor a threat, just a plain, simple statement of fact.

Ever had those moments in life that leaves you wondering what just happened?

I have tried very hard to make sense of it all with even Good Girl Guilt trying to emerge from her slumber. The phrase “Bad Boy” comes to mind, where reactions around a girl can range from a firmly declared pacifist father all of a sudden purchasing the largest shotgun in the shop, mother intent in locking her in a room and her sister walking around with her lip on the floor, because she did not see him first.

But then I have always been the observer, always looking in on the inner circle, the outsider. I had quickly realised from a young age, how people love to identify and classify people, judging them according to own prejudices, stereotyping, materialistic status and personal belief systems. No matter how hard anyone tries, we do not fit into these neat little boxes – we are unique, each one in his or her own way.

This sentiment can be seen in the works of Aesop and JRR Tolkien (how I can see Nick raising his eyebrows at yet another quote):  "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost". I found a man that does not hide behind a facade of false niceties. He is brutally honest about himself and the world around him, and on many occasions, I have found myself literally at a loss of words, which is somewhat unfamiliar...or trying very hard not to choke whilst finding myself in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

We are not in the same country, I am in South Africa and he is currently living in the United Kingdom, but it is a few months down the line already, and the declared interest has remained firmly in place. I will be shortly off to visit Nick, this time, for a relative longer period, to see where this journey will take me.

Of one thing, I am certain though, interesting times are lying ahead, especially with both of us very complex in our own way. But, I have fallen head over heels in love...well; actually, a more accurate version will be bottom over knee...I am happy.

Funny how I all of a sudden can hear his voice saying: “Very droll.”


joey said...

oh my word your a clever girl

Raven Red said...

Joey, as per normal - Thank you!


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