Raven's FAQ Part 1

Since I have joined the social spanking sites, I have chatted to many people, made some friends and some well...not so good friends. It is a world made up of so many different characters, some true to the persona they reflect under their alias, some a mixture of own personality and fantasy...but all of us drawn, one way or the other, into the underlying sexual currents, contained in the giving or receiving of a spanking.

As I am a relatively friendly and easygoing person, it does not perturb me in one bit, to say hello to a stranger or having a conversation with him. Nevertheless, I was quick to realise, after quite a bit of conversations that even the most hardened experienced spanker mostly wanted to hear about my spanking experiences, and in some instances had these unexplained and overwhelming urges to threaten me with spanking.

It is clear to me that these chat sessions are regarded not only as a means to get to know me,  but it is also rather regarded as a bit of a uplifting experience for some. The only problem is, just as in the final countdown for a rocket launch, some very repetitive checks and questions are to be asked before the control tower can be informed; "We have ignition, we have lift-off".

Therefore, a post or two will be dedicated (slighlty with tongue in cheek, well pardon the expression) to the frequently asked questions and statements so often directed at me that I am now convinced that there are a various copies of “The Dummies Guide to Bottom Spanking Questions” in free circulation.

My most favourite, which must be the most irrelevant question of them all, but asked so many times over, can only be:
 "So, do you like spanking?"

Answer not yet given, but the day is coming:
"No, I only signed up as Raven Red, but I am actually Facebook Agent 007. I have now completed my mission, I have analysed your friends requests, your photos posted, and your comments made. I regret to inform you – You will be deleted, resistance is futile, you are the weakest link. Goodbye."

The Childhood Questions:

Were you spanked as a child?
(No, I have not been spanked)

Were you spanked at school/home?
 (I have just informed you that I have never been spanked)

Who spanked you?
(Oh, for goodness sake! Read the letters slowly – I h a v e n o t b e e n s p a n k e d, e v e r )

Were you ever subject to corporal punishment?
(Finally! And the answers to all of the above questions: Yes, No/ Yes, Parents)

Did you have to bend over, lie over a desk etc?
 (Take your pick)

What were you punished with?

What is a sjambok?
 (It is a traditional whip, with the leather normally harvested from a rhino or hippo’s penis area....)

Normally, there tends to be a long deflated silence here...followed either by “Wow” or “Really?”, and somehow I do tend to get the idea that busy hands are now utilised in a more protective way...

How long did the punishment last?
(Far too long)

Was it on the bare?
 (Well, I use to make my mother so angry, she would hit me where she could find place – so I definitely have to say – Yes and No)

How old were you when receiving your last punishment?
 (Seriously?? Well, taking into consideration that my last punishment session was last week, but I have another couple scheduled in the nearby future...can I come back to you on that one?) 

The last for today, is actually only a statement dedicated to the person that assumed that South Africa is actually the continent of Africa.
“Dear Sir, the south bit, as in South Africa, is actually there for a reason...”


barely.pink said...

Haha, Raven Red, these impertinent questions are the bane of social networking sites! "Do you like spanking?" is not even deserving of a response at this point. I get that question and it's an immediate "good-bye". (Too harsh?)

Thanks for the laughs tonight! :)


Miss Pink

Raven Red said...

Hello Miss Pink,

Too harsh? Do not think so. I do use the bit between the question and the goodbye, to practise my sarcasm, but sadly it is never appreciated!!

Tenth Muse Top said...

LOL, Raven. Nice one - I'm not alone! Once upon a time, I was burning with idealism, engaging with and fighting for all sorts of causes and ready to take on just about anyone. Now I find the anger has become a sort of refined impatience where humour has replaced the need for lengthy explanations. There is almost nothing so pleasurable as the perfect one-liner. Almost. Less is more as they say. Well.. apart from when more is more, but you know what I mean! :-)

William said...

Nice blog RR. However, I am not sure that the question posed "Do you like being spanked ?" is so stupid after all.
I have spanked a number of bottoms and for the most part they dislike being spanked! I think I would include myself in that number.
What they, and I like, is the feeling of having been spanked.
Whilst this may seem like a game of semantics there is a gulf of difference between the two feelings.
What say you and your readers?

Raven Red said...

TMT, there is nothing as disconcerting when being answered with one word only..I try and practise that when confronted with these type of questions. However, I will admit...sometimes, I love it when I do the sarcastic answers...the reactions range from not understanding at all - to totally outraged...

(Shoulder shrug)

They ask - I will answer. But I never said that my response will be what they want to hear...

Raven Red said...

Dear HH

Spanked refers to in most dictionaries as being hit with an open hand on the bottom.

And in my entire life, I have not been spanked. So, whether I will enjoy the feeling of spanking, I cannot answer right now - because I have never been spanked.

Ask me about caning, paddling, the sjambok, a wooden spoon etc, I can tell you. But no answer available on the spank bit.


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