I can now finally state that I think the worst of the cold is over...meaning, the cold that had me coughing, sneezing and spluttering for almost a week. It does seem that there is finally a "no tissue, no nose blowing, and no coughing" light at the end of the tunnel....

However, Uncle Nick has been very busy while I was feeling sorry for myself, and I must say he did manage in conjunction with the owner of Moonglow to put together quite a nifty spanking magazine. I have seen some snippets of the Moonglow Spanking Magazine, Issue No 1, which I must admit, had me temporarily forgetting about my red swollen nose, teary eyes and a voice that sounded like a frog on steroids...

Uncle Nick can be quite the caregiver. All my hopeful looks after seeing some of the content, even trying to push him a bit, as only a grumpy sick woman can do, pestering him during the final touches to the magazine, had no response other than a swat or two on a very willing and waiting bottom...and a cup of some horrible tasting medicine dissolved in hot water being pushed into my hands with the order to drink.

Have to admit though, now that my state of health has improved, and seeing the covering page of his magazine, I think I will have to do quite a bit of explaining to radically reduce the amount of trouble I might be in, and the potential glow of my bottom.   


barely.pink said...

What a fantastic idea! (Both the magazine and the paying-for-your-misbehavior...although you may disagree with the latter soon enough.)

Happy to hear you are feeling better!



Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

I so agree that the magazine is a fantastic idea...really do hope that people will at least have a peep at Uncle Nick's blog and to what he has to say about it. He did overwork himself slightly - that is the problem with being a perfectionist...
Which reminds me...best I start to think up some possible plausible excuses to reduce the impact on my rear - in that he is an absolute perfectionist!



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