The Tour...for the discerning tourist

The Tour, offered by Uncle Nick together with his friend, the owner of Moonglow Centre has been one of the highlights of my UK trip. I had been told beforehand that the centre had been utilised in advertising shoots, video work, parties and private entertainment, but believe me when I say that you will not find it listed in any of the normal tourist brochures. Contained within two nondescript buildings is a world to make any fantasy of domination and submission come true, and well, it did result in one of those rare moments where I was unable to utter anything except: "Oh my..."

The sitting room had me eyeing the couch (or settee as it is apparently referred to in proper English), with wonderful imagery of all bottom warming things that can happen to a girl not quite behaving as she should. In addition, for someone that absolutely hates being told to stand in a corner, I was even considering this time-out/naughty time as a faint possibility.

Then there was the classroom, complete with old-fashioned desks, a blackboard, with "I will not cheat" clearly displayed. A naughty chair was waiting in the corner for the bottom that did not quite adhere to rules, as it should do. I did measure the distance between the teacher's desk and the last row of school desks, and was wondering if my pea-shooting skills were still as good...

Another sitting room/study was contained on this floor, quite reminding me of my own father's study. Stern looking, containing dark leather couches and an imposing desk, I could quite imagine being bent over the latter. I had to do some deep breathing exercises when Uncle Nick politely sat down in the chair. I was ready to confess any sin right there and then!

Then the dungeon. Now, I am not a BDSM girl, but even for someone only skilled in theory, I found it nothing less than awe-inspiring and intimidating. After discovering that apparently huge amounts of thick, menacing looking leather items distinctly had my bottom feeling quite exposed, the chains, cuffs, various tables and chairs clearly designed for optimum punishment made me definitely squirm. Then add Uncle Nick into the mix, not a small man in stature...must admit I know he is not a BDSM man, but safety in distance was maintained. One can never be sure, when another might have a sudden change of mind....

Final thoughts? “Oh my...how much fun can one have?"


redxxx said...

quite a wonderful place to visit,specially for a party of like minded individuals

Raven Red said...

Hi Red

Definitely on my list to visit again, and hopefully soon...


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