Raven Red, The Lochgelly Tawse and Uncle Nick

HH asked if I could find him a two-tail tawse, fashioned after the Lochgelly Tawse, during my UK trip. A reasonably easy request to fulfil, right? WRONG! With one tannery company no longer operating in the UK, another not having credit card facilities, and an original Lochgelly tawse available on the internet at the price for a whole herd of cattle, I was irritated and about to give up on the quest to look for this particular damn piece of leather.

Enters Uncle Nick, who apart from being the editor of Moonglow Magazine, is also firm friends with the owner of the Moonglow company. So, during our visit to his friend, Uncle Nick had one of his rare moments  when he actually felt sorry for me and my plight. The friend was roped in, and to make a long story short, I became the temporary proud owner of a evil looking two-tail tawse.

I wish I could say that the story ends there, but alas, it did not. During the purchase with Uncle Nick being who he is, he made a comment that he would like to "grease" a bottom with it before I return to SA. Feeling very impressed with myself in actually achieving what seemed to be the impossible and on my way for a day visit at family, I had a sassy remark or two. Well, something in the line of he is welcome to test it upon himself, and if by any chance he was referring to my bottom, I might just "forget" the tawse at my family's house.

I must admit that I forgot that Mr Murphy's laws seem to all apply to me, including the one about Famous Last words. On completion of the visit to the family, I returned to Uncle Nick, but as I was unpacking the travel bag, my heart sank right into my shoes. The tawse was not in the bag! Every piece of clothing was shaken out and although logic did dictate common sense, it did not stop me in lifting much smaller items such as handcream jars in the hope of a miraculous reappearance of the damn tawse. A frantic call was made back to the family whilst Uncle Nick was quietly tapping MY hairbrush in his hands.  I currently have very perturbed family members, but I can report that the cursed piece of leather is safe.

The result? My bottom was exposed to a South African piece of leather yielded by a very irate Uncle Nick that clearly did not believe that the tawse was not left behind on purpose. My bottom was on fire and I was sulking big time when asked if my bottom hurts.  I did not even lift my head when I spat out the "No". There was a moment of silence, but when I heard him enter the walk-in closet, I knew I was in big trouble. When the words were muttered in the line of “let us fix that” combined with the knowledge that he has gone straight for the cane, I could have kicked myself for being such a stubborn, temper driven, normally intelligent but being idiotic again, woman.  

Therefore, with a very stripy bottom, still slightly tender, I can safely state that it is not advisable to sulk during a punishment, even better, do not act on sulk during punishment, and it is strongly recommended to keep mouth firmly shut unless otherwise required. However, for the record, after feeling the leather strap against my bottom, I have to admit, that I am VERY happy that the tawse did eh....accidentally remain behind at the family’s home.

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