Christmas Wishes

This is the time of the year that....
Many a gift bought with love and care are placed under the tree,
Feasts are prepared and laid out on festive looking tables,
Churches are visited, remembering what Christmas is all about...

This is the time of the year that wishes are made...
Wishes from those, wanting lovers, family or friends far away, closer to home
Wishes from those for lovers, family or friends ill or troubled to heal and recover
Wishes from those, missing and thinking about lovers, family or friends that are no longer there...

Whomever you may are, 
whatever your own wishes for this Christmas might be...
 a peaceful and blessed Christmas are my wishes for you all.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Raven.

I'm so blessed to count you among my friends. Merry Christmas to you!



Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

Thank you (HUG), hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well!


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