The Purchase (Spanking Fiction)

She mocked him, openly, without any fear or reserve, foolishly believing in the safety that the shop offers. The shop assistant reacted with the same glee, two women bound together in their own peculiar conspiracy as they strive for a victory in the age-old battle of the sexes. With the last giggles escaping over her lips and basking in the glow of her conquest she walked towards the exit doors.

He walked behind her, and in silence his hands circled her, pulling her into his body. He was holding her tight, clasping her arms against her own body, forcing her to stop walking. The last sound of her earlier joy died on her lips as he bent his head down, tightening his arms around her, and in a low voice spoke quietly, for her ears only.

He stood next to her, watching her as she showed him the item of her choice. He shook his head, indicating with a slight gesture that it is not good enough. Her hands were shaking as she put it back on the shelf and reached out for the largest size, feeling the thick smooth wood under her fingers. She removed it from the shelf, holding it up for him to see, and as she glanced at him, he nodded his approval. 

He had stopped her when she reached out for a shopping bag, instructing her that she will be carrying her purchase home, in her hands.  The short walk home was in absolute silence, an earlier attempt to apologize to him being curtly dismissed. On entering the house, he took her by the arm and steered her towards the kitchen.       

With both her hands still holding onto the newly bought item, he bent her over the kitchen table. She felt him lifting her dress, placing it over her back, with his hands quickly moving back, slowly pulling down her silk knickers. She felt the cool air against her naked bottom as she heard him walking around the table. She lifted her eyes as he stopped, and as he held out his hand, she wordlessly handed over her new, large wooden spoon.  


Kirsten Ellison said...

Oh Raven, this is wondrous. One of my secret fantasies this, to go shopping for a spoon and have to carry it home. In my mind it would have been a hairbrush, but that is more obvious for a girl to carry.

Everyone knows what a wooden spoon is for, especially when a girl is carrying it.



Brett B said...

A deliciously squirmy ritual for her to go through. Many spanking implements could be purchased this way. I especially like the more common household items ...or novelty items that are commonly recognized as used for spanking. There's a little ambiguity, but the naughty girl having to pick out and carry the item home can't help but feel self-conscious.

Excellent. Thanks, Raven Red.

Raven Red said...


Must admit a hairbrush did go through my mind, but as you said, that is an expected item for a girl to carry..
And I truly hope that Uncle Nick NEVER invests in a wooden spoon - well not of the size in the photo. :-)



Raven Red said...


Glad you enjoyed. I have not had the "honour" of picking out and paying for an implement...and truth to be told, as Kirsten remarked, it is a little fantasy.
NOT necessarily to be fulfilled. LOL.



Anonymous said...

Raven, I quite LOVE your work!


Carla Marie

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