New Rules

I can scarcely believe it, but the new week has arrived, however instead of bemoaning the normal gloom and doom of the arrival of Monday, I have decided to change my tactics this morning. As my bottom is currently reminding me that when things go wrong, it is normally with a vengeance, I will be embracing the "new me" by applying the following simple rules:

Rule 1:
To remain cool and calm at all times.

Rule 2:
To make sure my language remains ladylike throughout.

Rule 3:
No attitude, whatsoever.

Rule 4:
No sulking or pouting.

Rule 5:
To obey.

Rule 6:
To be realistic about rules 1-5, and take precautionary measures....


Scarlet Fanny said...

And if all else fails, run like hell and hope you aren't caught. LOL Love your blogs! And remember that well behaved women never made history. And naughty is a very open and broad term which can mean roughly, a good deed.

dd said...

My, angelic behaviour indeed!

Good luck with the weigh in.

Raven Red said...


So happy to see you!

My running abilities are sadly lacking though, but I am definitely going to rely on your definition of naughty. ;)



Raven Red said...


Telling butter would not even melt in my mouth...erm, bad food example I know.

Thank you, think I am going to need as much luck as what I can get this week with the weigh-in thingy.


Brett B said...

Raven, the attitude displayed in this very good post would seem to be evidence that a spanking can inspire a transformation. At least temporary. I'm wishing you a very pleasant week ahead.

ronnie said...

Loved your post.

I hope your weigh-in went well today and you wont be needing the bottom amour.


Raven Red said...


Seeing that I am the "new me", I will even admit, that is most likely to be going very short lived.

But I am giving it a try!! ;)



Raven Red said...


Happy that you enjoyed the post.

Erm...the weigh-on thingy? I am still trying to pluck up courage.

Well, the day is not over until midnight tonight. (SIGH)

Erica said...

Oh, this is going to hit Chross's list for sure! Perfect! :-D

Raven Red said...

Happy that you enjoyed Erica.



Lorraine said...

Wonderful post. Good luck!

Raven Red said...

Thank you Lorraine. And the luck, got a feeling I am going to need it...



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