Sunday Afternoons

The leather couch is mine for Sunday afternoons

During this time only to be used as per my whim

And in my Sunday nap, always reserved for that special one

However, none of this is allowed....

Remember, it is my leather couch for Sunday afternoons.


Michael said...

Raven, the cool leather of a couch is nice for a hot, well-spanked bottom from a leather paddle.
Leather - it heats and it cools.

dd said...

Raven, of course it is your leather sofa and, as so, completely immune to any forms of ouchiness.

Michael! Raven is a fully paid up member of the Angel Brigade and thus never spends her Sunday afternoon as you suggest.

Raven Red said...

My Sunday leather couch is strictly for unheated bottoms, while I dream of erm...nevermind that, and have a nice relaxing time in general.

Raven Red said...


You tell him. Michael belongs to this group called T.O.P.S. In my humble opinion, they will have to have a serious relook at redoing Logic 101.

(Even Barely Pink seems to have a problem with the logic of this obscure group! http://thepinkreport.wordpress.com/)

I have been upgraded since we last spoke - I am now a honorary member of the Angel Brigrade - all thanks to you.

PS - thanks for that wonderful reference, did not know you could fake Uncle Nick's signature so well..

Anonymous said...

My pleasure, forgery was in the same course as card sharping :)

patoca...where are you getting this verification from!

Michael said...

Yes, of course you are right, Raven. Your Sunday leather couch is for unheated bottoms and heated dreams. I hope you had a pleasant time there today. :)

dd said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous there!

The Angel Brigade is a brad new organisiation, which you have now become a founder member of. Sure we can get other to join us :)

Sweet dreams, dd xx

Raven Red said...

Michael, I did! Well, okay, you are sort of right - my bottom is still slightly heated from the other day...
But I did have a nice relaxing day.

Raven Red said...

I think we will have to hire a bigger building for all the other angels.
Obviously as the founder, anyone that belongs to the T.O.P.S. group will NOT be allowed.

dd, sweet dreams to you as well!

Anonymous said...


Obviously the poor man is all tuckered out, he's been topping all over the place recently and has now been put to bed over at Blossom and Thorn with castor oil and asprin.

Absolutely no members of T.O.P.S. allwed in the Angel Brigade.

Raven Red said...


I know...I am in shock myself. Hence my very gentle comment, castor oil do have some side effects, do not want the poor man to suffer more than he is doing currently.

But I am sure Season is looking after him very nicely. :)

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