Spanking Bill of Rights

I have decided to formulate my own Spanking Bill of Rights. I still have to present it to Uncle Nick, but I am reasonably sure that NO problems will be experienced...I think...

First Proposed Right:
Right to freedom of speech
I can answer back, in any way I see fit, and for it not to be classified as back chatting or being cheeky.
In fact, any reference to back chatting or cheekiness will no longer be recognised.

Second Proposed Right:
Right to keep and ensure my bottom’s safety
Refer to the First.
It includes the right to say No, You cannot, Stop, I do not want to and I will not.
No bottom to be bared for spanking.

Third Proposed Right:
Protection from being sent into corners
Well, that is sort of self-explanatory – but to ensure full understanding, NO standing in corners, ever.

Fourth Proposed Right:
Protection from unreasonable seizure and spanking
Refer to First and Second.
Oh, and unreasonable will be according to my definitions...

Fifth Proposed Right:
Right to remain silent
Excludes any answers I might have forthcoming in the First and Second. 
Anything else that might indicate that I am guilty, is covered right here.

Sixth Proposed Right:
Right not to be confronted
Even if I am caught red-handed, this will apply

Seventh Proposed Right:
Right to decline any process aimed to proof that I guilty
This includes anything to do with questioning, ordering, standing in corners etc

Eight Proposed Right:
Prohibition of any form of punishment
Bottom rubbing allowed...that is all.

Ninth Proposed Right: 
Right to claim any other rights.
In case I did forgot something that endangers the safety of my bottom.

Tenth Proposed Right:
Powers of Raven
This includes sulking, pouting, sticking the tongue out, rolling of eyes, sighing...
To request a spanking, a nice and gentle one...maybe...


Season said...

Hear Hear! I think I will print a copy, frame it, and hang it up right over the implement drawer. Mind if I change Powers of Raven to Powers of Season on my copy? :-)

Congrats on being Spanking Bloggers Blog of the Month!

Raven Red said...


I will have no problem in the change of name, in actual fact, I will make sure in future, that all copies state: Insert name here.

And thank you for the congrats!!



Brett B said...

What are the chances that this is going to get ratified? :)

Raven Red said...


A girl can only try...at least give me the credit for trying...LOL



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