One of the key words in the corporate world is Synergy. It is rather a simple principle, based on the outcome and  in obtaining a desired result, when combining two or more actions. Successful synergy will reflect if the combination of the two actions creates a result much greater than what the individual results of the two actions on their own would be. Obviously, I saw the benefits that Synergy could have, and therefore attempted to apply the principle in my personal life. After months of experimenting, I am now able to provide the results:  

MY idea of Synergy

Step 1: Pouting ("I do not want to")

Step 2: Add Sulking ("You cannot make me")

Equals Synergy: "I will NOT do it!!"

HIS idea of Synergy

Step 1: Clothing re-adjustment

Step2:  Add Change in heating levels 

Equals Synergy: Raven's attempt at Synergy quelled with great success

Conclusion: I URGENTLY need to rethink my strategy in terms of Synergy......


Brett B said...

I'm no genius, but the math there appears sound.

Raven Red said...

Brett, somehow your comment does not surprise me...LOL



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