After a week where my bottom was on the receiving side of some serious attention,
not only once but twice,
I have to admit that some lessons were learned...
Of which the most important is not to scoff at subtle warnings coming your way...


Damien Tann said...

Food is always right, Homer Simpson taught me that.

Pink said...

That message certainly could not be misinterpreted, unlike certain Tops' innuendos and raised brows. Really, if only warnings were always so clear. We would have time to pack our bags and run for the hills!

BTW: I'm having a terrible time posting comments on Blogger, thus the strange ID.

dd said...

Lessons learnt are always good, Raven. Although not always appreciated or acted on, that would make life tooo boring, dd x

Raven Red said...


Food is partially responsible for my predicament this past week!! Okay, fine, maybe not the food per say - but rather my love for macaroni and cheese as opposed to cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli..



Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

(Shudder) I hear the innuendos, see the raised brows, hear that awful soft, gentle but oh so icy voice:"I did warn you".

Erm..wonder if he would be partial to a special delivery of fortune cookies?

The problem is though, even if they do give a clear warning, there is still no time for packing any bags, you have to grab what you can and run!! It rather does seem that their perception of time between a warning and action taken is slightly skew...

Raven Red said...


I always did maintain I do not like boring, but after this week, I am willing to settle, even pay for "boring". (GRIN)



ronnie said...

LOL Raven,

I have a little story about that picture.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Raven Red said...


Story? You cannot leave me like this, I am now dying of curiosity - how am I going to sleep?

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday as well.

Lots of hugs


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