Animal Planet

I am under siege.
Surrounded by a mountain of empty tissues boxes,
and a nose firmly declaring: "No More",
 I needed something to make me smile
This did...
as well as inducing a coughing fit...
(now where was that box of tissues?....) 


Emily Winters said...

Are you still feeling badly? My poor Raven. Sending you love and kisses and hugs and tissues!
Your banished and blue,

dd said...

EEEk! Raven! If they can do it like that....

Hope you're beginning to feel better sweetie.

Cuddles, dd xx

Emanuele Lombardi said...

Looking forward to your recovery, the sooner the better.

Be well


Raven Red said...

Emily, Emanuele, dd

Hopefully soon I will be back to my normal meek, mild, non-cheeky, placid self...


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