Coffee over at MarQe's

If I survive the bronchitis, I am planning to pay another visit to the UK in about five month’s time. I am looking forward to the mushy peas, the steak and ale pie, but the brewing of leaves in a pot, will once again, be firmly declined.  

 There is no other way but to simply state, I love coffee. There is nothing better to smell the aroma of freshly grounded beans and drinking the dark rich brew piping hot with the sweet/bitter taste sending my taste buds into ecstasy.  

MarQe, being the perfect gentleman, has invited me OVER for a coffee in my upcoming visit, however, a slight little problem seems to be presenting itself. I seriously do think that the word, "OVER" needs to be properly defined by both parties, in order to get to the bottom of this coffee invite.

Reason being, is that I do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and as such, take heed of the so many health practitioners that have cautioned that coffee may be hazardous to one's health.

On a final note, I have to say; that I love coffee art, the many forms and shape it can take. It must be therefore noted, that my favourite choice  of coffee art has nothing to do with my coffee invite OVER at MarQe's place...



Poppy said...

Darling, when you visit I will make you a cup of tea (or coffee if you insist but it makes no sense to me) although all I would offer is cake and chat, maybe Marque has something more exciting to offer? ;)

dd said...

Sweetie, hope you're feeling better.

When you get here I'll make you coffee, as I do for BBH, although I will be drinking tea!

Marque's offer of coffee sounds rather dangerous. I think Poppy or I would be safer :)

Hugs x

MarQe's Study said...

I'm such a gentle soul, I'm shocked that my offer is doubted .... I'm a coffee drinker to ... I drink tea because too much Coffee poses health issues due to my being a dialysis patient .... but that's another story

MQ ;)

Dioneo said...

Oh, Raven, in this post, you've combined spanking and good coffee! I'm falling in love!

Brett B said...

Wish I could drink coffee all day. Never liked tea.

Max Vantage said...

Coffee may be bad for you but laughing about it--and tying it in to spankings--has got to be healthy lol

Raven Red said...


Thank you. I will rather have coffee with you. MarQe and I will have to clarify the OVER bit first..

Raven Red said...


Think you, me and Poppy should have a "tea" party, served in long glasses, ice cold, with lots of ice...and have names such as Cosmopolitans, Long Island Tea, and those ones when you no longer care what the name is...the picture just looks pretty.. (GRIN)

Raven Red said...


Never ever doubted that you are a gentle soul...but then so is my bottom a tender place. Erm..just saying.

And lots of HUGS..just because.
Okay, for having a great sense of humour, even though you are clearly not always in the best of health.


Raven Red said...


With me? Or with the coffee and spankings? (GRIN)



Raven Red said...


I do not wish, I do. And never bring espresso's near me...I do not stop. Works wonders though when you are tired...3 in a row, seems to kick life straight back in old bones...



Raven Red said...


How can you say coffee is bad...it is NOT! (SULK)Look at me, the meekest and mildest of them all - thanks to coffee!! (GRIN)



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