Bottoms Up - It is Friday!!

.I can now finally say it is Friday!
It has been an awful, long week.
I got ill and was in bed on Monday,
with a bottom still sore, ever so meek.

Tuesday I opted to work from home,
surrounded by tissues, and with a temper rather short,
a side effect of cabin fever syndrome,
with conversations literally being nothing more than a derisive snort.

On Wednesday, I went off to work,
with a tender bottom reminding me of all my woes.
Bumped into my favourite and obnoxious jerk,
the day was rather long and full of lows.

 On Thursday I was in full-out rebellion and sick
of my sore bottom, tight chest and coughing - I had enough.
A barbed comment or two flung at Uncle Nick,
earned me a warning and quite a sharp rebuff 

And so it is finally Friday.
I am still at home, and although I am still slightly ill.
I will be very honest when I say that today;
I would rather be spanked than to take another pill

So I raise my glass of orange juice in the air
To firmly declare: "Bottoms Up" all of you
Here is to next week, and even a bottom bare
Hopefully for a wallop or two, a spanking long overdue!!


Emanuele Lombardi said...

So glad that you are starting to feel more yourself.

Happy spankings


Hermione said...

Bottoms up to you too, Raven. There's nothing like a few well-placed swats to get those sinuses cleared.


ronnie said...

I'll drink to that. Happy weekend Raven.


Raven Red said...


Thank you, I am slowly but surely getting there. Somehow it did help to finally go to the doctor. (GRIN)

Raven Red said...


I agree! And I really do have SERIOUS problems with my sinuses..(innocent smile)

Raven Red said...

Thanks Ronnie - hope you have a splendid week-end as well!

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