Lifting and Spanking Machine

It is not often that I do not know what to say...
but this time, I have nothing to say...
except,  maybe..
Who on earth thought of these things?


dd said...

No, no, no, Raven, this is just so wrong! Spankings should be given by hand (or any other implemenet the horrible Tops chooses NEVER, NEVER by a machine. Where are the hugs abd kisses in that?

Fausto said...

I'm with dd on this one. Smack 'em, shoot 'em and shock 'em is not my idea of a healthy spanko relationship ;)

Raven Red said...

dd and Fausto

Welcome Fausto!

I have to say that when actually finding the website, with examples of these spanking devices kept in a museum, I was between hysterical laughter and being thankful that I was never exposed to them.

It does appear that they were made for fraternity purposes - more noice than anything else, but goodness gracious - facing something like that must have been something quite scary...especially with the blindfold on.



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