Raven's Needs A Spanking Award 2

In the name of Education:

South Africa’s minister of Higher Education and Training has resorted to stating that “darkies” are damned if they do, and damned if they do not, when challenged in parliament regarding the failures experienced in the Education system.
However, ignoring all the political rhetoric around this issue, I think I have finally found the root cause to our problems experienced with education in this country.

Bus driver arrested for overloading a 62-seater bus, allowing 116 children aboard.
Taxi driver arrested for overloading a 26-seater bus, by allowing 113 people aboard, of which 105 were children. The driver also did not have a drivers licence, the bus had an expired operator’s disc and the final clinch – there were five warrants of arrest outstanding for the driver. 
Taxi driver arrested for overloading a 21-seater bus, allowing 62 people aboard, of which 59 were children. Oh, again, no drivers licence, no public driver permit or an operator’s disc. 
Taxi driver arrested for overloading a 14-seater bus, allowing 45 children aboard. The same driver was stopped earlier in the week and issued with a ticket for driving the bus without an operator’s disc. 

The Award goes to:
Clearly, a good spanking session is required, with the allocated punishment to be counted down by the teacher whose bottom is being warmed, in order to remind him/her of the importance of teaching others  how to count, add and subtract.

Tangled Web

Girl works for Guy and his Partner free for a year to prove that she is employable.
Eventually Girl is employed full time with Guy promising a salary, but Girl receives a lesser salary on her paydays.
Girl, Guy and Partner have a row, with Girl taking Guy and Partner to employment tribunal.
Girl looses case, but Guy pays for her legal fees and Girl tells newspaper they are a very happily married couple?

The Award goes to:
The whole lot of them  (Girl, Guy and Partner)
Reading the article gave me a headache.

The Abominable Snowman:
With the abundance of snow, a 16-year-old boy decided to build a snowman. Well, in a way then, as he decided on only one anatomical part, and after the 7-foot sculpture was completed, it was clear that it was rather a very well endowed snowman. The police came to visit, and the end the inevitable happened – what goes up, does come down.

The Award goes to:
Certain of the commentators on the published story.
“Kiddies porn, to be registered as a sex offender, what type of parents, what is next – knocking up the innocent girl next door, blah blah blah.”
Bottoms needs to be warmed to remind old cynical, righteous and oh so politically correct farts that they were also young, even though it seems that it was around the time earth was created.
Oh, and a reminder that a typical 16 year old boy, is quite fascinated by all things sexual – it is part of the normal growing up process.


Brett said...

A deserving list, Raven. Lots of spankings needed. :)

Raven Red said...


My way of coping I suppose - if I cannot laugh at some of the things that are happening around me - I would be in tears permanently.



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