Small Mercies

I have to admit that I am exceptionally thankful for small mercies; I am SO happy that this week has finally come to an end. I have officially classified it as a "not to be discussed, hopefully never to be repeated either" week.

Therefore, I am going to remove my official mask

And kick off my shoes.

I will then be spending some time, only concentrating on me.

For it is rather urgently required, that before I have to assume a position

And suffer the consequences,

That I seriously attempt to restore my happy Self...

(Whilst being thankful for Uncle Nick understanding why I did put a dent into a collective taxi, during some rather pertinent questions put forward to the taxi driver regarding his origins, IQ level,  his ability to understand basic road rules, and eh...a couple of other things that might or might not have come up)


dd said...

Heh, ho Raven, we all go there, BBH actually rather likes it when I question other people's veracity, authenticity, ability and right to invade our time with their persona's. I can feel him saying "go, girl, go". He would of course deny this :)

There is no reason whatsoever for you to be spanked for politely responding to a very impertinent taxi driver! I'm sure if Uncle Nick had been with you he would have been far ruder :)

Sorry you had a horrid week, hope the weekend gets better,

Hugs, dd x

Raven Red said...


The only problem is uncle Nick knows that these impertinent taxi drivers are normally armed to the teeth...he only wanted to know if I got out of the car.

Luckily for me I could not, because I do not even think a hair could fit between my car and his taxi. Hence the dent in the taxi - made by my hand (erm fist)...

I am sure next week will be better.



dd said...

Raven, in UK conditions, he would probably be going "go, girl, go", in your neck of the woods he would be saying the same with the hand gun next to him, and then spank my butt afterwards for not taking care!

He hates me being "too nice, not assertive" but equally hates me being "too agressive", heh ho, it's a thin line we walk on... :)

Raven Red said...

A thin line it is indeed, well, in my case, so thin, that I seem to be missing it all the time!



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