It always seems to start so innocently, 

Only a girl just wanting to have a bit of one on one time with her only love.

When suddenly he suffers a severe visual distortion,

Seeing a different invitation that was (really, I promise) never there.

And even though things might look that it is going the way she wanted,

With very selective clothing pieces being removed,

She will soon find out with her bottom in the air,

That her lover's interpretation of one on one time, is quite of a different kind.


Emily Winters said...

Truer words never spoken. I swear sometimes you are reading my thoughts!

Raven Red said...

Emily, it rather seems to happen at times when the least expected!



Pink said...

One on one time ALWAYS leads to hand on bum time. We say "cuddle", they hear "spank". We say "kiss", they hear "spank". We get out the cuffs and prance around in garters and stockings and all they can think about is spanking us. Sheesh, the nerve.

I'm not complaining though. :P

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

Me neither...although I will deny that I ever admitted it. (GRIN)

Michelle Carlyle said...

Where do you find these awesome photos??? I really should add some bling to my blog, too!!!


Raven Red said...


Lots of patience...and being pedantic also helps (LOL)



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