Message in a Bottom

It was the beginning of the new week, and I was adamant this morning that the next seven days would be MINE.  This week I am refusing to be subjected to male testosterone flying around in work passages, nor will I be intimidated by condescending tones because the poor souls cannot get their way. It was with that attitude that I dressed accordingly and set off to work, ready to face the week.

This morning did rather go well, a couple of attempts to twist my arm for additional time to be given for reports that were late, politely but firmly declined. Therefore, at about five o clock this afternoon I was feeling quite confident, happy and content with my day so far, and on my way to my last meeting. I sat down politely, started discussing the issues that had to be discussed, when an itch distracted me. Without any thought, my hand went straight to my bottom, and as my brain caught up with the rest of my body, I could feel myself flushing from head to toe.

It was the last remnant of a caning mark that was reminding me that it is healing quite nicely. Which I do appreciate, I really do. I love it when my body tells me it is happy, however, all business thoughts left my mind. I started calculating the amount of days since the last caning, then progressed to a more detailed memory recall of the session, which finally had me quite uncomfortably wondering what I have just agreed to, especially when four pairs of eyes were looking at me quite expectantly. For the next hour or so, I really had to concentrate very hard, only focusing on what was at hand, ignore my straying hand against my bottom, that in the end , I was completely exhausted.

I am at home, trying to relax, however the itch in my bottom has not gone away. I did get the message about the healing part, so I am now left wondering if my bottom is trying to tell me something else. Maybe it is telling me that it is time for a nice warm bath...


MarQe's Study said...

.......... It's certainly time for a nice warm something !!!

MQ x

Max Hetfield said...

Nice. In the midst or rebellion your bottom reminding you of the cost. Another hot bath?

Pink said...

Er...usually when my bottom itches, it's in need of something a little more forceful than a hot bath. Just sayin'.




Anonymous said...

"male testosterone flying around in passages" LOL. What a lovely description.

Hermione said...

I love it when reminders of my other life pop us during working hours. A twinge, a remembered word or fragment of memory. Ooh!


Emily Winters said...

I agree with Hermione's words. Those little reminder twinges, whether it is sitting down too hard the next day, or healing itches a week later...they are delightful...and make it all worth while. Another grand post Raven.

Raven Red said...


I only drink nice and warm coffee.

Raven Red said...


Of course!! (GRIN)

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

erm...(whisper) I know...but I refuse to let on...(GRIN)

Raven Red said...


I know it might be over emphasising it a bit...but yea gods, I am seriously considering in investing in a armoured suit. LOL

Raven Red said...


It was quite a ooh moment as well..

Raven Red said...

Thank you Emily!



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