Within this anger, I know where to go,
I am hurting and I know that I should go,
I know that I will go,
But I do not want to go,
Because I need it to be him.

I know that that he knows of my anger and my hurt.
I know that he understand that I have lost myself
But it is his voice I want to hear 
It is his hand I want to feel against my bottom
Because I need it to be him.

I want to cry in his arms when my bottom is swollen and red
I want to curl my body into his, my safe universe.
I want to listen to his calm voice, as I am holding onto him.
I want him to find me again, clear my anger and my hurt,
As only I know he can do.

But within this anger, I know where to go,
I am hurting and I know that I should go,
And I know that I will go.


januskane@hotmail.com said...

OH yea, Sean Young , so jealous,
i wanted to be the one spanking her.!

Raven Red said...


Eh, I would have not mind being the one spanked my Patrick Bergen...(SIGH)

Emily Winters said...

Grand poetry,
and yes, Patrick Bergen may spank this arse anytime.

Raven Red said...

Thank you Emily. And for Patrick Bergen, when he does that look, no expression on his face...my knees go weak.



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