Saturday routine

I performed my required exercise for the day

and has now put down my bag.

I was listening to some music,

while I had something to eat,

and maybe a tad too much to drink.

I had a lovely heated bath,

and got dressed for bed,

for I am now going to to sleep, as Saturday is done.


Max Hetfield said...

Sounds like a lovely Saturday. I'll have to join you sometime.

Raven Red said...

Hello Max

Have not heard from you in ages. You are most welcome, but erm...you think you will be able to keep up? (GRIN)


Zelle said...

That's just too cute Raven! Great pics to follow along with the story. Makes me want to have every day be a Saturday!

Raven Red said...


Thank you. Sun was shining again!



Pink said...

What exactly is a Hand Spanked burger? I'm suddenly craving red meat.

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

Not to sure myself, but got it down on my "what to do list" for my next visit to the USA...

Brett B said...

There's great pleasure in kneading fresh ground beef into a tight round ball and spanking it into a patty.

Hmm, maybe I should invite all the girls over for burgers.

Raven Red said...


Erm...would you object to me arriving once I know that the patties have been cooked?




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