Tollgate Spanking?

It was a brilliant idea to upgrade the major highways in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria as traffic congestion is a major problem. However, in the typical governing style of late, the implementation thereof was not thought through very well.

To begin working on ALL the roads, closing lanes off, and then put road signs up, indicating that the work might be completed by the time your newly born child has his own grandchildren, resulted in quite a bit of frustration on the roads. I do rather have firsthand experience of that of course, with one incident of relaying a collective taxi driver's family tree in full detail to him.

Some of the work has been completed, however, another brilliant idea was seized upon...erm, I actually think it was a seizure more than a thought. Seeing that all this work was done, and forgetting that the fuel price includes levies/tax that we pay for, they are now going to introduce tollgates. Erm...about every 10 kilometres, that is. And with grand gestures, the pricing was introduced.

A colleague of mine, the soul breadwinner, worked out her potential expenses in light of all this, and then firmly declared that it would be cheaper to stop working. However, I did come across another solution in my daily searching for images or news for the blog....

For clarification purposes...I do interpret it as a spanking...


Hermione said...

Yes, a spanking is a perfectly valid method of payment, if you don't have the exact change.


Raven Red said...

They should let us be in charge of a country, I am sure things will work...smoothly! LOL!

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