Scheduling a Spanking

Although I have quite a bit of reports to write at work, I had envisaged a mild week with no upheavals or emergencies. This suited me just fine as I knew that the moment yesterday's post was out on the blog, I was inadvertently making an appointment with HH. I wanted it to be in a calm week with no added stresses, I wanted no problems or issues that could send my temper or my defences spiking heavenwards. As far as I am concerned, I am in quite a bit of hot water already, and there is no need to be adding to my troubles, which I created in the first place anyway.

However, before I had a sip of my first cup of morning coffee, my cell phone literally vibrated itself right off my bedside table. I again forgot that I am directly related to Mr Murphy, and for my absolute insolence in believing that I am entitled to a peaceful week, every day of this coming week, up and until Sunday, became fully booked – all urgent work related queries. In the interim time, as was expected, a certain blog was read this morning, and once I showed online, my Yahoo messenger was running its little yellow feet off delivering messages between HH and myself.

First, the spanking appointment was set for late this afternoon, which resulted in a stomach feeling as if thousands of frantic butterflies were desperately trying to escape. Not a mere ten minutes later, I had to cancel as I an urgent work related work issue came up, and the appointment was moved to tomorrow afternoon. The butterflies settled down, but those little wings kept on moving the whole day, which every so often sent a shiver down my back resulting that my bottom would clench itself in pre-emptive self-pity. Trying to find all the relevant people I would need for this work exercise, after just having had a long weekend due to a Public Holiday, turned out to be hopeless and said issue was moved to tomorrow.

Instant re-organising of everything had to happen again. Back again on Yahoo messenger, with the little yellow man staring at me balefully as if I had lost my head, but the appointment was moved back to this afternoon. I got into the car, with all butterflies trying to bite their way through my stomach wall, and I was on my way. An half an hour later, I made the call, there was going to be no way that I would be able to reach him on the scheduled time as the traffic was an absolute mess. I am out of town from Thursday until next Monday, so eventually we settled on a final meeting for tomorrow afternoon.

I will be working until late tomorrow night; however, I agreed that I would leave work for the appointment and then return to work afterwards. The butterflies are NOT happy. I have no idea what implement/s would be meeting my bottom tomorrow afternoon, nor does HH want to offer any information, and regarding my blog, the only thing I got out of him, was a “I am reserving my judgement”. What the...?

For those who might be wondering, I know that I rather do seem flippant about this whole thing, however, trust me, I am currently in full-on panic mode. I will be arriving there tomorrow afternoon, and will get that look that says nothing, but says everything. In addition, I am going to be nervous, what AM I saying?, I am that already, and will most likely have verbal diarrhoea, eventually stuttering into an embarrassing silence, where after, well, practical applications regarding the discussion about the various shades of red will be performed.

I will return back to work, and will be refusing to sit down to the bemusement of all...but worst of all, the following day I will be driving for about 6 hours, with three passengers with most likely a then very tender and sore bottom. If only I could turn back the clock to a month ago...


Max Hetfield said...

Hmmm the anticipation is killing you, much worse than the actual spanking will be, I think!

Pink said...

To schedule, then reschedule, reschedule again, and then again... oh I bet you had a bunch of confused butterflies!

I am certain all will go well and you will feel a much needed cleansing afterward.



Anonymous said...

Eish ;-)

dd said...

Uh, oh...good luck Raven. I hate having to wait for a spanking...

Brett B said...

All good things come to those who wait, or something like that. I hope you get what you need, and that the sitting won't be too uncomfortable. Hugs.

Emanuele Lombardi said...

You could pencil me in anytime I would like that even if it's imaginary. I can hardly wait for the rest.



Raven Red said...

Max, it is rather now way after the fact, guilty of being slow in returning comments, but yes, you were right. The anticipation is the worst/best...

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink

It was quite all of that, and more...but do feel a bit better now.



Raven Red said...


You know what eish is all about?




Raven Red said...


Thank you, all over and done now, so that terrible waiting thing is over..



Raven Red said...


I had to get into a car the next day and drive for about 600km. You do NOT want to know how uncomfortable that was..but trust me, it is a trip that I will not soon forget.



Raven Red said...


I will ONLY pencil you in, if you do not do this waiting thing...it is nerve-wrecking..



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