The day for fools...

Once upon a time New Year was celebrated on 1 April, but then some man (who else?) decided to change the calendar and it was moved to the 1st of January. Some people stubbornly refused to acknowledge the move of dates, and in the years to come, continued to celebrate New Year on the 1st April.

They became known as fools, and over the years the 1st of April has evolved into what it is now. Taking into account the year I have had up to date, I would have honestly not minded if I could start the New Year again today.

In celebration of the day for pranks, I found a couple of vintage cards/images that tickled my sense of humour. I rather do hope that I am not to become the butt of an April Fool's day joke today, eh...talking about butts, I do think I am overdue to present myself and my butt to HH...



Anonymous said...

Oh Dear!
I did think that the rather mild caning I gave you the other day would not last the month!
You do also seem out of sorts.
I think that Monday at 17h30 would be a very good time to pay me a visit so that I can assist you with some behavioural modification exercises.
Enjoy your weekend

Brett B said...

Hehe. Happy New Year. Hope you're feeling better, Raven.

Emily Winters said...

How pleasant to have your discipline so rigidly scheduled! That really builds the anticipation, no?
Happy Fools Day from this one here!

Emanuele Lombardi said...

I am impressed! Entertaining and educational, or am I the fool?


dd said...

Yippee, I can start over and have a New Year, on a day I have been so absolutely perfect! So I can say to BBH, "no need to spank me. because New Year means clean slate", wowee! Thanks, Raven!

Hmm, doubt it will work, but, hey, no harm trying ;)

Raven Red said...


Clearly I did NOT think. At ALL. I am now going to go away and have a self-sulking session...

Raven Red said...


Getting there, slowly but surely. You cannot keep me down for long. (GRIN)



Raven Red said...

Emily - the anticipation kills me. Truly! I can only imagine the evil glint in his eyes....(SIGH)

Raven Red said...


You the fool? Never! Erm..and do you really think I will do something like that?
Answer is optional here...



Raven Red said...


Good luck! I did try as well - clean slate and all that, sadly got me nowhere.

Lots of hugs


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