Equal Bottom Benefits

For HIS enjoyment:
Slight wind under the wings...as she is going to her corner?

For HIS Enjoyment:
Bending over already?

For HIS enjoyment:
Definitely "ready" and bending over!

For MY enjoyment?
Come ON!!!
Not fair..even the wind is working against me on this one....

I am demanding equal bottom viewing benefits...


Brett B said...

LOL. It's working against me on that last one, as well.

Damien said...

You have a kilty look on your face Raven...


dublin.paolo said...

I made that 'His' 3 - 'Hers' 1

Fair Result Raven.


Raven Red said...


"Tantalising" does not work for me - if I want to see, I want to SEE! (GRIN)

Raven Red said...


Never a kilty look. More a naked hungry look ;)

Raven Red said...


Fair Result? The same fair as in.. Me: "You cannot spank me, it is not fair?"
Him:"Life is not fair?"

Not nice...(GRIN)

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