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HH had "honoured" me in writing another post for my blog. Last week, on one of the bluest Monday's I have had, I had to present myself at his offices in the early evening. After a couple of days of agonizing, feeling the utmost resentment and everything else that one could possibly feel about having to have a certain part of your anatomy coloured in, I did. I received his mail the next day, but by then my work was seriously interfering with my social life again. Therefore, tonight, for the first time, in a long, long time, I am home early enough to give HH’s scribbling the loving and warm attention it so deserves…

Monday was a hectic day. I was flat out getting work out to clients. Raven and I had chatted briefly on IM that morning and confirmed the time for 18h00 at my offices. This time works well for me, as I am usually winding my day down and most of the people in my office park have departed. Although there are a few girls in the office park who I would be very happy to bend over my desk, I am not that keen that the sounds that emanate from my offices when a good spanking is going down should be heard by all and sundry!

Unusually, apart from an unanswered question posed to Raven as to how many strokes she needed that evening, I had not devoted any further thought to her punishment that evening. In fact, when she arrived, she caught me on the hop. I was still trying to finish work that I had promised clients would be delivered that day. My reality is that I was completely unprepared to spank her.

You may well ask the question “What preparation does the Top need to deliver a sound spanking?”

I can tell you that the preparation is very different from the anguish the Bottom goes through for the days and hours leading up to the spanking. Cast your eye over Scarlett’s blog to get an understanding of her feelings as her meeting with me later that week was drawing nigh. Raven has also more than amply discussed her feelings as the hour approaches.

I certainly do understand these feelings and angst a Bottom experiences while waiting for a good caning. I have experienced them personally. I think the anticipation is an essential part of the process. The feeling as you force one foot in front of the other to get to your meeting with destiny! I do not need to warm up for a spanking. I do not need to practice my aim on a defenceless cushion. Physically, I can do the job with unerring accuracy and precision without any form of warm up.

What is important is to get my mind attuned to the Bottom’s needs and to have a plan to deal with whatever comes up. That is why I like talking to my Bottoms beforehand. I need to get a handle on where their heads are – if that is ever possible with a woman! It also prolongs the moment, as they have to sit and chat, knowing that they will soon be baring their bottoms for the cane!

On Monday night, I had no plan when Raven arrived. I had not decided on an implement, the number and intensity of the spanking she was to receive. I was also distracted by work and not really in the mood for play. We chatted about her work –Raven prattled on about the complete lack of morality in her company, the country, her plans for her holiday and the lack of any form of sympathy she was receiving from the UK immigration officials. We also managed to get my Facebook identity sorted out.

I was kind of delaying the inevitable and it was getting late. And she needed to be caned! I instructed her to assume the position. She now knows exactly where I want her placed and as I drew the blinds, she hastily rearranged the furniture. I was still mentally unprepared – although I had told her that she would get a dozen strokes. At his point, I had still not decided on the intensity.

Despite her description of “searing pain” streaking across her buttocks as the first stroke landed, it was a rather tame swish. The next five strokes followed. All rather mild compared to some of our earlier canings. Her butt was, despite the timidity of the strokes, starting to mark up rather well.

I decided to switch to my newfound “backhand” for the remaining six. I repositioned her to ensure I had sufficient space for the wind-up and gave her a further six, with most of the impact concentrated on her left cheek. These were somewhat harder than the previous six. I was now starting to get into it. I finally had my mind focused on the job at hand and was somewhat disappointed when the end arrived so suddenly.

The lesson for me is that my mental preparation needs to be much more closely attuned to my Bottoms anticipation. Failure to do so certainly diminishes my pleasure, although most Bottoms will scarcely notice the difference. That is why I love the cane so much. It is such an effective tool that even when wielded at less than the levels of perfection for which I strive, it still does a damn fine job.

Next time Raven, I will be better prepared! You have been warned.

HH, thank you so much for allowing me to share the musings of a confused spanker with everyone. Let me assure you I know exactly where MY head was, especially taking into consideration that I am NOT in the habit of forgetting passwords, and in general do not have problems in sorting my access out to certain websites, eh...like Facebook.

I really do not want to prattle, but your perception that I hastily rearranged furniture is as misguided as your impression that the first stroke was a tame swish. Oh, and I have taken note of the warning...promise!


Anonymous said...

Thank you HH for your detailed account of the caning. Your mental state before, during and after the caning is facinating to me. You are so right in understanding the need of the bottom to feel anguish before the event; it provides helps provide much more of a cathartic release when the caning ends. Well done. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Raven
Your propensity to "prattle" will land you in grave trouble! I am very glad that you have taken note of my warning! I am already preparing for our next meeting and will clearly demonstrate the difference between a "mild swish" and a "full-blooded stroke". I can assure you that you will feel the difference.

I would also stress that my perceptions belong to me and not to you. You may well have your perception of an event. This does not mean to say that it will fully correlate with mine. Further, I take exception to being called misguided. I am fully aware of what I saw and am not sure how, with your head between your knees, feel in a position to correct me!

I am grateful for your assistance in getting my FB page restored. Again, you are incorrect in saying that I had lost the password. It was a case of having FB question whether I am a real person. In order to do that I needed a number that they did not already have. In this regard you were able to provide me with the help I needed.

Finally, I take exception to the title of your Blog. These were not "ramblings". Rather a description of what actually happened. What were "ramblings" were your descriptions of your work - which I sympathetically allowed. As I have said earlier, the next time will be very different. You can rest assured that the next time we meet, whenever it happens, I will be fully prepared.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joey for your kind comments. It would seem that Raven did not fully achieve the cathartic release she sought last time.
I will ensure that the next time we meet that it is fully cathartic!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, what was that you said???

I am thinking ice-packs may not be sufficient after your next spanking. First Aid may be required!

And, I do not have Alzheimers, so do not need to write all this down in a Moleskin Notebook (apologies Uncle Nick!!) I will remember!


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