I could blame...

It is 4am on Monday morning...and here I am, wide-awake. This weekend past can only be classified under "Do not repeat"; however, I would have loved either another day, or the ability to go straight to Tuesday morning for this week.

I could blame my being awake this early on the dog next door that has been barking at the moon for the past hour or so, but I do know that is not really the reason why I am awake.

I could blame this horrid feeling in my stomach, the tight, knotty, butterfly feeling on the fact that the ham sandwich I had last night was not the best idea, but I do know that it has nothing to do with the feeling of dread.

I could blame this slight shivering in my hands to being awake at four in the morning, an indication of lack of sleep, or maybe having a cup of coffee so early, but I do know that I have slept more than my normal hours and that there is more coffee in my body than blood on any given day.

I could blame the clenching of my bottom muscles every so often on the fact that maybe I have slept in one position to long, but that would not explain the visions of paddles and canes that comes with it away.

Today is Monday. It is a day of reckoning, timed to happen at exactly six this evening. I can only blame my being awake at 4am on this Monday morning on the fact that I know that I have quite a bit of reckoning coming my way.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and beautifully illustrated. There is nothing like that heart pounding feeling and sense of dread that you get in anticipation of a hard spanking. Indeed, you have my heart pounding right now just thinking about it.

Raven Red said...


What heart? Mine pounded right through my ribcage, and ran...I am still looking for it! (GRIN)



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